Every once in a while, I end up being interviewed or being featured in a project, here are a few of them...

This has to be one of my favourite webisodes of the Inspire Series. My guests, Sheila Ojei, Seun Awogbade and Lydia Sobogun weren't only upfront about how judgmental they have been in the past but, I believe, we took a big step towards understanding the reasons behind 'judgmental women'.


The Sauce is a magazine style bi-weekly web series produced by Suss Productions for Red TV. I am also one of the writers.

Room 313 is a "series of vignettes" built around the idea of the "talking cure." Created by Wana Udobang, in each episode, a character is filmed exploring a painful event in their past while sitting on a therapist's couch. Debola Dian plays Kiishi

This episode was written by Sheila Ojei

Script By: Chiedu Ifeozo and Sheila Ojei

Directed By: Dayo Oyedele

Producer: Olumide Alabi

Production Manager: Philip Nwankwo

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Room 313 is an experimental series created by Wana Udobang about people who have experienced trauma undergoing therapy. The show tells their stories through vignettes. Episode 3 is Dooshima's Story. Dooshima is played by poet and actor Sheila Ojei.

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