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I am a loyal customer. If I like the overall experience of buying your product or service, I will come back again and again, I won’t think twice about it until something happens that makes me change my mind.

I am also a supportive friend. If you are my friend and you have a business, I will make it a point to patronize your services or buy your product at least once. I have bought so many things that I do not need, tried out services on a normal day that I won’t think of, only because I wanted to ‘contribute’ to a friend’s business in my own little way.

Being your friend does not equal being a loyal customer

I find it interesting when  business owners are quick to attack friends for not being loyal customers, they become really upset when they pour their heart out into a well thought out FB post or tweet or Instagram post and their friends do not share it or RT’s it, only to see those same friends, share an irrelevant gossip blog post or funny video/meme. Other business owners who have 'celebrity friends' are usually the most offended because somehow they believe that being their friend makes you an unofficial brand ambassador.

Sometimes your friends not supporting your business has nothing to do with them but more to do with you and whatever it is you are selling. Before you are quick to cut off your childhood friend for buying shoes from someone else and not you, maybe you should ask a few questions and know their reasons for not being as 'supportive'. 

From personal experience, here are 5 reasons why being your friend isn't enough reason to support your business as much as you would expect:

  1. Your pricing does not match the quality - I am pretty sure what you are selling is dope or I hope it is but you see the way the economy is set up, I cannot be paying you in Dollars for what I can get in Naira or pay you a premium for what I know is worth way less than that. I may buy from you the first time to 'show support' but don't expect me to come back. When it comes to spending my money I need to know what the premium is buying.
  2. You have abused the friendship - As much as you don't want me to ask for a family and friend discount, please ensure that when I decide to buy from you that I am treated with the same level of detail and attention that a 'total stranger' would.  It is actually upsetting when business owners throw professionalism out the window because they expect their friends to understand. When I choose to buy from you, I am not your friend, I am your client.
  3. I don't have the money - You are selling luxury cars, great! I would love to buy one but you see at the moment I don't have the money so instead of trying to make me feel guilty, you can actually offer me an installment payment plan or offer non-monetary ways for me to support your business. 
  4. I don't want/need your product - There is no amount of loyalty or support that will make me buy what I do not need. For example, if you start selling badminton rackets, chances are I will not buy. I do not need them, not even for home decor; so no matter how much I love you, please do not expect me to buy any. You are not in business for people like me. 
  5. You make it obvious that I owe you - No one owes you. You know this but somehow you take it very personal if I miss one of your events or pop-up shop displays on a day that is so busy for me. Your cold treatment and twitter subs don't make you look any better or mature. You may be disappointed but remember, no one actually owes you and me not showing up does not make me a bad friend.

There you have it. Are you a friend who has been cut off by a business owner because they didn't think you were supportive enough? Are there any other reasons why you find it difficult to patronize a friend's business? 

Use the comment box below to share your own thoughts.

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